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Restoring and celebrating the station’s unique heritage features

The historic elements and façade of the Grade II* listed Andaz hotel, which originally opened as the Great Eastern hotel in 1884, will be retained and sensitively restored. The original Victorian trainsheds will not be part of the develop and will be retained unaltered.

With the hotel moving to the top of the new building, we have the opportunity to reuse these historic spaces. The historic elements and façade of the Grade II* Listed building will be thoughtfully preserved and restored, and the building will be sensitively and sustainably adapted so it connects to the concourse and adds to the public realm.

The plans will allow its historic rooms to be more accessible to the public, providing landmark meeting, leisure, and exhibition spaces. Rooms such as the Hamilton Hall, currently in use by Wetherspoons, will be restored to provide an all-day space to support station users’ needs.

The Ballroom will be opened up as a new public grand entrance hall to the station from Liverpool Street, and the old taxi access route, known as the Carriageway (above), will be reopened to create a new pedestrian route to the station, enhancing permeability and connections to onward travel.

Previous works greatly altered the station

The station was most recently redeveloped in the late 1980s. During this time, the southernmost part of the Victorian trainshed and the original station offices were completely demolished. The hotel was also refurbished in the late 1990s including the addition of a two-storey mansard roof on top of the original building.

The image is a current schematic of Liverpool Street station and the Andaz hotel.

  • The original Victorian trainshed and Andaz hotel façade are highlighted in yellow.
  • The areas depicted in dark blue are new additions from 1991 that were completed after demolition of the original structures.
  • The light blue area is the 1997 roof extension to the Andaz hotel.
  • The red areas are the 1980s building work that is to be demolished.
  • The green space is the new concourse.

Heritage of Liverpool Street Station

We are giving expert attention to the historic features of the station and hotel, and engaging with heritage conservation groups on the proposals. A key part of our considerations is the conservation of the original Victorian trainshed and Andaz hotel façade. We see it as a vital element of the plans that these are retained and protected while the newer elements of the station can be redeveloped to provide a new accessible world class station.

A detailed programme of refurbishment is being prepared for the Andaz hotel. This programme aims to make many of the historic rooms and features more accessible to the public. Additionally, the 1980s additions to the station would be reconfigured to open up sightlines to the Victorian trainsheds and other historic features that are currently hidden today.

The Great War memorial,
Kindertransport memorial

and other features will be conserved and given more prominence.

The station has a number of memorials which will be carefully preserved during the works, with specialists appointed to assess and advise on the most appropriate methodologies for protecting historic and important material.

For the Great Eastern Railway War Memorial on the upper concourse level, which commemorates the Railway staff who gave their lives during World War One, the lift within the base of the memorial will be relocated to a more suitable location.

- The Arrival

The ‘Kindertransport – The Arrival’ statue serves as a memorial to the thousands of unaccompanied European Jewish children who fled to London on the Kindertransport in the Second World War.

It will be restored, maintaining its place in an upgraded Hope Square. We are currently working with stakeholders to discuss how we can best and most appropriately enhance its setting and contextualise its subject matter.

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